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Tips for helping your kids transition the new school year

Tips_Kids_newschoolyearWhether your kid is moving to a new school, a new grade level or starting school, transitioning is often a traumatic experience for anyone. If your kid is not well prepared, transitioning can significantly affect his/her performance, mental state and social development. However despite the challenges, there are steps you can take to make the experience less traumatizing for your kid and entire family

5 tips for helping your kids transition the new school year

  1. Talk with your child about the new school year- Get your kid excited about the new school year. Ask him about their expectations and fears when school starts. If there are any fears in his mind, reassure him to ease his mind, assure him that you will be always on time to pick him after school or when he needs you.
  2. Do a test run- Just before school opens, stop by the school and be sure to visit places that matter most to your kid such as the gym, classroom, play area, cafeteria, toilet etc.
  3. Be involved– If you can, get as involved in your kid’s school as you can. For instance you could volunteer or help out around the school. While at it try, to socialize with your kid’s friends, teachers and the environment. Being involved will show your kid that you really care, which will consequently ease his mind.
  4. Familiarize your kid with other kids and personnel– When school opens, don’t be in a hurry to drop your kid and drive off, instead stick around and help your kid socialize with his teachers and friends. Familiarizing your kid will help reduce social anxiety, a common disorder when kids are exposed to new environments.
  5. Get your kid back in the school routine before school starts– Before school open day; get your kid back on schedule to help them adjust. Have your kids go to bed a week or so before they open school.

It’s important to note that each child is different, be patient and understanding as it will ensure that the transition is as stress free as possible. Remember, you child looks to you when things seem uncertain.