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Tips on Eating Healthy | My New Favorite App #Lifesum


our family dinner tonight . Curry chicken , salad and wild rice

Get healthier faster

Over 6.5 million people are using this app and now I’m one of them, and I couldn’t be happier. 

One of my goal for this year is to plan ahead with my meals and track my eating habits.  All of the trainers I’ve ever worked with has told me to track what I eat.  You know as well as I do, with a hectic schedule it is so ruff to stay on track with keeping a journal of what you eat especially with a family and kids.  Well,  I found the perfect app to help me and I wanted to share a few of their tips they shared with me about healthy eating.  

But first, here’s what I like about the app. 

1.  It’s easy to operate. They do all the hard work, you simply pick your meals and add them.  Literally it’s like simple click and your done.  Can’t beat that. It’s a time saver for me personally. 

2. Meal, fitness and food tracking all in one.  Even if you choose the free version it’s totally worth it. They even remind you to drink more water, get up and stretch and move.  You’re gonna love it.  

3. My favorite . It pairs with your Apple Watch.  I was super excited about this. Reminders to your watch and all. 

Okay enough about my likes.  Here is a simple reminder email that came to my inbox today to motivate me to stay positive and on track.  

If you have a smart phone. You should defiantly check this app out. 

Tips from LifeSum

It’s easy to forget what you’ve eaten as the day goes on. Try to track as close to the meal as possible. Making a habit of this will make it easier for you to see where you need to make changes.

Guess work is fine

Normal people don’t carry kitchen scales around in their handbags. We get that. But in order for tracking to be effective, you still need to have a vague idea of how much you’re eating. Try weighing and measuring your food in the beginning. This will give you a good idea of the amounts and make tracking easier.

Plan for tomorrow

Write meal plans. If you’ve already prepared for healthy meals you’re more likely to eat the right foods.

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