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Tips to Keep You from Becoming a Stressed out Mom – #urbanmommyinc #inspiration

Overworked mothers regularly feel a lot of stress. You may neglect that at times  you also need time to breath, relax and enjoy. Eventually, a stressed-out mom could make the whole family stressed too.

To help you avoid being consumed by the worries and responsibilities of being a mom, here are tips to keep you from becoming a stressed out mom.

  1. Make a list of the things that stress you out. After which, go over them one by one to know which among the list are easily manageable and do immediate action. For example, if you feel a lot of stress as soon as you get up in the morning to prepare breakfast or prepare the kids for school, maybe rising early could help the situation.

Other than having more time to prepare for the day’s activity, waking up early would give quiet alone time for yourself. You can get up to do some exercises and some meditation, or grab a cup of coffee and do a little book reading, or you can simply lay awake on your bed to de-stress.

  1. Still focusing on your list, know how you manage your day-to-day stress and identify the reactions that you probably need to work on in order to avoid increasing the anxiety you are feeling. Let’s say, you scream or shout when you’re upset. This kind of reaction would strain you more and do no help. When you’re mad, practice taking deep breaths before talking. Because if you don’t stop for a moment, you may utter words or do things that you don’t really mean. This will not only hurt you, it will also hurt your kids.  

  1. Laugh and enjoy activities with your kids. If you think that you are not having enough family time, schedule at least a day of the week for activities that you can easily do such as baking, bike riding, watching movies and a lot more.

Other than making time for your family, you can also decompress by giving yourself a day-off with friends or your partner. Get a trusted nanny or a relative and go out. You can simply go for a walk, watch a movie, dine out or have a spa visit.

  1. There will be things on your list that can’t be resolved in a single sitting such as financial strains or intimate relationship problems. However, as you continue working on the common things that drain your energy, you will have more time to contemplate on other serious matters.

Remember that mothers are not perfect. They are not built like a tank or born with super powers. Accept the fact that you also need to make time for yourself. De-escalate your stress by managing the things that gives them. Mingle and reach out to mothers just like you for support and inspiration.

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