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Top Ten Items to Pack When Traveling With Kids | #travel

Planning a trip is hectic enough without children, but add one or more to the mix, and all bets are off. Parents can fully expect everything that could go wrong to do just that. Due to the potentially hectic nature of a trip overseas with your kids, planning is vital, and so we’ve outlined the top ten essential items which you should never leave behind.

Passports are the number one item parents should not forget to bring to the airport. The reason is that you will be barred from boarding the plane, which is a nightmare given the amount of time and money consumed planning for the trip. Travel consultants advise that you make copies of your passports as well so that upon reaching your destination, you can leave the original in a safe place, and carry the copy with you for identification.

Birth Certificates
Your children’s certificates of birth are a necessary precaution to have with you especially if your baby is still its infancy. Legislation in different countries vary, and proof that your child was born in the USA could save you lots of stress and time.

Most overseas flights are considerably long and traveling without your child’s medication may even be life threatening. Additionally, certain types of medication could be hard to come by depending on the country, or even if available, legal issues could hold up the process depriving your child of what could be crucial medicine.

Motion sickness pills
Motion sickness could give you a hard time and take a toll on your child while on the plane. For this reason, motion sickness pills are always a handy accessory when traveling over long distances.

Bottled water
It ‘s hard to tell if the tapped water you get in a foreign country is safe for drinking, even if it is advertised to be. Carry plenty of bottled water to mitigate the risk of contracting something from what could be contaminated water.

To avoid unnecessary hassles on arrival, make sure to carry sufficient clothing for you and your kids, making sure that everyone has a fresh change of clothes for each day.

Toys and activity books|tablet 
You and your children may not have the same ideas for your trip. So when things get boring, and you’re stuck in the hotel room, it’s always nice to have a few toys to keep the little ones busy.

Travel stroller
No matter the reason for your trip, you may want to take a walk and experience your destination first hand. At such a time a travel stroller will come in handy for moms to easily take your child with you.

Diaper bag 
This is the last thing moms want to forget when traveling with a baby. In the car, at the airport or on the plane, there’s no telling where he or she will go so you’ll want to be ready.  

Snacks are important because a hungry child can be especially fussy. Pack a few of your kids’ favorite snacks when you travel, and you shouldn’t have any problems on the journey.

Some of the items mentioned are more important than others on the list; however, these seemingly trivial things could make the difference to give you a smooth, stress-free trip.

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