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Zoie and Monique

Traveling with an infant | Tips & Tricks


I was so excited that I was going to get a chance to take our newborn to visit my home town Chicago Illinois. When I first learned that I was going to be flying with Zoe at 4 months I started to again time to the internet and do some research. There were tons of YouTube videos blogs and just general information about traveling with an answer. Many of the resources that I came across we’re definitely something that I could utilize. However nothing speaks volumes than your own experience.

So as a new mom I understand that traveling with an infant can be both nerve wrecking and exciting. So I would like to share with you some of the interesting items that made my journey comfortable, as well as lessons learned along the way.


1.  If you’re traveling alone be sure to pack light. By that I mean you only want to take the essentials that are needed for your baby and yourself on the plane. This can include and should include bottles, formula, diapers, plenty of wipes , a changing pad, ahange of clothes for your little one, and possibly a top change for yourself. Now these are just some of the basic now depending on the level and growth of your child you might want to bring a little stuffed animal for them to play with a binky if they are taking one and any other small items that your child loves.

2.  Ask for a second seat. On my flight into Chicago I was able to ask for a role that maybe had an empty seat next to me. As it turned out my flight was not booked solid so I ended up getting in a roll that had an extra seat. This was very accommodating for me. You will find that you will need the extra space the room to just move around areas to place your baby and if you’re bringing a car seat on you might can use this area as well.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I was quite surprised by the level of support and assistance that people you do not know will give you. I was traveling alone and I was a little nervous, however there was a mother on the flight from Portland to Chicago that was walking behind me and she graciously assisted me down the aisle as well as helped me to pack my stroller and carseat at the gate. As you know people love baby and so people are going to engage you and look at your baby and talk to your baby so you live this time to make new friends.


1. Feed your baby before the flight takes off at during landing. Every baby is different so be sure you know the feeding & sleeping times for your child. Feeding her feeding her during takeoff and landing was very helpful and put her in a very calm state as well as helped to put her to sleep more easy. I believe this also helped her with the air pressure changes by her sucking on the bottle. If you already fed your child be sure to give them a pacifier or something for them to suck on during takeoff and landing.

2.  Request a seat near a window and request a seat near the back of the plane or near the wing or engine. Most mothers find that some sort of white noise will help your child sleep, in my case the sound of a fan or water always helps my daughter go to sleep. But I had no idea that the sound of an engine would completely knocked her out. Within a matter of 5 minutes of that engine starting and I taking off she was fast asleep. On the flight to Chicago she slept the entire time except the last 30 minutes. On the return flight she slept the entire for our trip. I was completely amazed but I know it was the coming sound of the engine as well as the comfort of lying in my arms.

3.  Change your baby’s diaper before you take off. I flew southwest and so I was unsure of what seat I like it. Most people will be accommodating but you don’t want to take any chances. So, changing her diaper right before we took off with a great option on a short flight because most likely you might not have to change that diaper until you land…. unless you get a poop diaper.

4. As soon as you board and get seated and situated be sure to take out all of the items that are necessities. A bottle for feeding, a pacifier, a diaper and wipes and whatever snacks or food that you might have for yourself including water. If you can put all these items in front of you or on the empty seat or if you don’t have enough space just relocate them to the top of your diaper bag right in front of your feet.

After all is said and done just relax. You will get through this just like you got through pregnancy and delivery. It was scary at first, but it went so smooth I’m looking forward to the next trip. But don’t be mistaken. .This time Daddy is coming!!

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