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We’re looking for our next Mom Ambassador #Urbanmommmyinc #brands #kids

A Village Mom Ambassador is a Mother who is first enthusiastic about motherhood and family. They are interested in early childhood education, community building and healthy lifestyles

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What does a VMA (Village Mom Ambassador) do?

VMA’s are innovative, creative, tenacious and most importantly loves to socialize and have fun. VMA’s will lead their own group of moms in their local neighborhood byways of social media. They review products (which can lead to earned income), set up neighborhood partnerships (more income), create local events and most importantly socialize and build community. Basically, you become the guru for everything motherhood in your Village (i.e local neighborhood.)

Mom Ambassadors wanted in 

Phoenix, AZ

Los Angeles, CA

Chicago, IL 
If your city isn’t listed. Let’s list it. 

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