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What does the Afforable Healthcare Act mean to me

Nearly 9 weeks ago I gave birth to the most beautiful blessing ever Miss Zoie Alexandria was born.


It is impossible to think what could have happened if I had not had health care coverage through my husbands insurance.  We recently received a bill detailing the total cost of this one pregnancy. This pregnancy cost over $100,000 if we had not had health care insurance this could have bankrupt us.

So what does the Afforable Healthcare Act mean to me. It means that my aunt who was recently diagnosed with cancer is covered. It means that my mother and others that I love with pre-existing conditions is now covered. It means that 47 million other fellow Americans will be covered. It is a shame what are elected leaders are doing in Washington today. This is needed and it is needed now. I hope they get it together for the sake of all.

If you have questions or are still unsure of what this act means for you visit www. for more information


  1. People just seem to be afraid of new things. I am in Australia and we have a public system similar to what Obama is proposing. I have had 4 children and been provided with excellent care each time, it has not cost me 1 cent out of pocket. I also choose to have private health to cover the things that the system does not cover, but many Australians get by just fine without it. We may pay a little more tax, but in mine and most peoples opinions, it is totally worth it.

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