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What Makes Her A Better Mom than Me? Nothing 

How many times have you logged on to social media and looked at some other mom’s feed and thought, how does she have time to do all that? Make cookies, go to games, take yoga, go on a date night….blah blah blah…

Like so many other women, we can all get caught in what I like to call the “Web of deception!”  As mom’s we’ve become so accustomed to giving orders, dictating, coordinating, arranging and yes sometimes evening judging.  In the process, we’ve allowed our love of social media to become our somewhat of a measuring tool to our own ability of parenting and guide to whether we are being a good mom or not.  

Here’s my advice on how to avoid the Mom “Web of Deception” trap 

Be authentically you 

Listen, everyone is not a social butterfly. Everyone has different lives.  Live your life as you wish it each day.  

If you’ve lived life a little, then by now you know what things you life and you don’t.  Don’t begin to do things to simply fit into what you believe mom’s should be doing.  If you’ve never belonged to an organized group before and don’t particularly like them, then guess what? You probably won’t like joining a mom’s play group.  If your thinking, it’s for the kids, trust me you will still have to interact with the other parents.  

Be true to our own unique parenting and mothering ability and the rest will work itself out. 

Drop the comparrison act 

We’ve all done it before, and comparing your life to another’s never works out in the end. As a mom you have certain unique gifts and talents and it’s fitting for your family.  Utilize the strengths you have to fortify your own  family. Baking may not be your thing, but you can make a heck of a playdough burger.  Or, because you work 10 hour days you just don’t have the energy to go to every sports practice.  Well maybe reading a story every night before bedtime becomes your “little moment” that you and your child shares together.  

Whatever your strategy, make it your own and live your own “momlife” because at the end of the day it’s about making making lasting memories for your family however that may come.  

Take a social media break 

Because of my professional background in public relations and PR, I’m always in social media for clients. However,   when it comes to my personal space Ive found that I often spend too much time focused on sharing those special moments instead of just living the moment.  

I remember I had the chance to watch the sunrise while on vacation. Instead of just living in that moment, I had to find my Camara and capture it.  I admit, there are moments you want to remember on film and there are times when we simply need to just live the moment.  

Ultimately, the choice is yours.  But every now and then choose to experience life in the moment with those you love instead of capturing it for the world to see.  The memories you make will be far lasting. 

Continue to enjoy each day with your family making lasting memories for lifetime!