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Single Moms Corner

Single Moms Corner- Urban Mommy

Single Mom’s Ambassador: Landra Glover

Greetings and welcome to the Single Mom’s Corner.

I’m Landra Glover, a single mom, raising one of the cutest little boys you could ever lay your eyes on. Like most single moms, I’ve got a few goals that I’d like to achieve in my life time. Raising a little boy to become a kind, strong, intelligent, productive and respectable man is by far the most important one.
I’m so grateful to have this amazing opportunity to invite you all into our world of laughter, temper tantrums, tears, disappointments, oh wells, hallelujahs and so much more.

Landra Glover
Contributing Writer- Editor SingleMomsCorner
About Landra Landra mother of 1, author and winner of the National Head Start Parent of the Year. She enjoys reading, traveling being active and currently starting a new business venture. Link to Landra Glover: book: Readers can contact:


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