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Where is the instruction manual | week 3 lessons

It’s 2am and in sitting here in the middle of my bed with a perfectly swaddled beautiful baby who simply won’t go to sleep…shes fussy, agitated and i just cant figure out what is wrong with her.. And to think, it’s only week three since this precious little soul has arrived.

If it weren’t for Google, I think I would be lost right about now. Hines-milk , Fore-milk, colic, sore nipples, green-curd Poop are all new terms I’ve had to explore in the past 48 hours. In an all perfect world, You would think there would be an instruction or How-to Manual that comes out right after you deliver. But I guess that would be too easy.

Then something clicks.. You realize your not the first or the last mom or dad to have a baby for the first time. You kinda realize you might have it a little easier because you have all the support groups, lactation consultants, google, Facebook support groups, family and friends to help you adjust.

Well, I’m determined to understand this tiny little Soul. It can appear ruff some nights especially since she likes to wake up between 1-3 am. But I have to admit, We’ve made great strides this week. She’s finally latched on, she’s having great tummy time and lifting her head and turning her neck. She even found her little toes.

Amidst all the successes we’ve had over the past 21 days I can truly say I love being a Mom. When these early mornings get ruff I remember all the women who came before me that sacrificed, endured an pushed forward morning after morning. The husbands, like mine who get up early everyday to provide a better life for their family.

When you keep it all in perspective you begin to realize the circle of life you are traveling is part of a greater plan and I just so happen to be apart of it!!

To my husband, my best friend! Sheldon, Thank you for loving me and sacrificing for your family! God knew what he was doing when he sent you to me!!

I love you!!!


  1. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro and things may not feel easier, but definitely more familiar and doable. You’re doing awesome!

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