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Why Every Single Mom Should Take a Vacation To The Country

I’ve spent most of my life living in the city and I enjoy a lot of what the city life has to offer especially, the convenience. I can get in my car and drive to a movie theater in about ten minutes and I appreciate that.   Yet, there are a few downsides to living in the city.  I had forgotten what those downsides were until I joined  my son Jaxon on a field trip to the country last week.

Now, I’m not a complete stranger to the county and all that it has to offer, but I will say that maybe I had forgotten the richness of what farm animals; lakes and miles of open fields can do for a single mom and her kids.  This is why I believe every single mom should take her family on a vacation to the country.

You can skip the madness

I know most kids want to go to Disneyland and I don’t blame them. But every mom knows that the long lines and the hot sun can make the trip stressful, and single moms know all too well about stress. The country has so much to offer like fishing, hiking, swimming and canoeing.


You can save money

Think about it. What if you could go somewhere where you don’t have to spend a lot of money preparing to leave. You won’t  have to do any major clothes shopping because in the country, no one really cares if you are wearing the latest fashion . Trust me you’ll want to pack the oldest pair of tennis shoes you own because getting dirty is inevitable. Doesn’t that sound great!


The entire family has a great deal of freedom that you wouldn’t normally have in the city. The open fields allows everyone to stretch out and have some space. You can relax, enjoy the open air and take it all it.  You will be amazed what this sort of freedom will do for you.


It enhances your child’s social skills

We all desire to have cool well-rounded children and exposing them to more than one style of living is a great way to prepare your children for this very diverse world.


You can build a stronger bond with your children

There are usually no electronic gadgets or television provided by country retreats. This means more opportunities to talk to your children and spend quality time.


As single mom, I had no idea how this day trip would give me a sense of calmness and chance to clear my mind. I didn’t have to listen to Jaxon say,  “Mommy please buy me this, or mommy buy me that.” I didn’t have to fight with the many distractions that we as parents often encounter while living in the city.   The many restrictions that are placed upon Jaxon when he goes outside when were at home weren’t a major concern and that felt refreshing.  I had no idea Jaxon could play charades and canoe as well as he did and I was so proud of him.  He never once asked me if he could play video games on my phone and having lunch by the water was peaceful without those distractions.    Some of you ladies may not enjoy the outdoors for various reasons,  but I’m sure we can all agree that we all want more for our children then what we had.  And if you decide to give this a shot, trust me this is once sacrifice you wont regret.

Landra Glover
Contributing Writer- Editor SingleMomsCorner
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