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Why Father-Daughter Relationships are Essential to her Future #urbanmommyinc

Raising a kid is probably the most difficult thing you’ll do in your life. Let’s be honest about that. It’s truly a cohort that can understand what you’re going through each day,  and what you’re giving up to raise your kid properly. And yet, at the end of the day, somehow, those little cute troublemakers are totally worth it.

Now, perhaps you’re one of those parents who traditionally think that moms should raise daughters and dads should get more involved with boys. Right? Wrong! In fact, you are about to find out why father-daughter relationships are essential to your little princess’s proper upbringing.

Dads can influence their daughters’ self-esteem way more than moms do

It’s true. A little girl starts judging what’s pretty or not about her nature, by imitating her mother and the environment set up around her. From make-up, to dresses and high heels, your toddler’s first fashion choices, identity, attitude and the way she will see herself are based predominantly on those of her mother. However, dads are the ones who can impact those choices by his interaction with the mother thus having a greater influence on the daughter’s self-image. For instance, every time my husband tells me how beautiful my natural hair is, our daughter will hear that and feel validated in her own image.  She will grow up with a perspective of moms choice not to chemically treat her hair as being normal and beautiful.  These are essentials that she will later draw on to make choices in her own life.   


Dads are the role model of the perfect man for every daughter

Your princess will not start dating until adolescence obviously. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t filter your reactions in accordance to her mother’s to learn what husband and wife relationships are supposed to be like. Treat her with respect, caring and affection so that she will expect to be treated that way by a future boyfriend. Because the first boy she will bring home, will be the living impression she has about her daddy. What you say and do now will forever influence her perspective of men.  


Daughters that have their dads around, tend to feel more safe

That one doesn’t need explaining. Keep it in mind the next time your daughter gets in any kind of trouble.


Dads affect the way their daughters deal with stress

It may seem a bit strange, but research conducted by scholars suggests that there is a link between the way daughters deal with stress as adults and the kind of relationships they had with their dads during childhood. For example, undergraduate female student who did not have good relationships with their fathers appeared to have lower cortisol levels than they should.  This could impact her level of success.  Validation, constant communication, time spent are all important elements to helping your daughter deal with and eliminate stress.  

It’s always fun to have play-time with your daughter
 Why not admit it? It can be fun to let her play with your hair or paint your nails, and sometimes even put a tad of make-up on you and have tea-time.  At the very least, with a good sense of humor, you’ll get the chance to take some hilarious pictures afterwards.

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