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Why Just Run? 3 Tips to Enhance your Running Routine #KevinPlatt #Fitness

By: Kevin Platt 

People all around the world love to go on daily runs. This is a great stress reliever for many as well as being a great cardio workout. For many years, running has served as the go to exercise to drop unwanted weight. There are a few strategies we can examine to help enhance your results from running.

A very common cardio style is called Steady State Cardio. This is either running a long distance at a slower pace or walking. Initially, this type of cardio can be effective, but over time your results will halt if your pace doesn’t change. In order for your heart to reach the “fat burning zone”, the heart rate needs to be maintained at a higher beat per minute.

There are several variations to add into your daily running routine to enhance benefits:

1. Simply, run for thirty seconds at a fast pace, then walk/jog for fifteen seconds. This will spike the heart rate into the “fat burning zone” then slowly drop it. When you walk for half the time, it gives the heart just enough time to drop, but not too low before you spike it again on the next sprint.

2. Run for thirty seconds then incorporate body weight exercises such as; jump squats, burpees, push-ups etc. for thirty seconds. This will activate more muscle groups in the body which in turn will help you to burn more calories.

3. Hill sprints. This integrates sprinting up an incline such as a hill, then jogging back down to the start. Sprinting up a hill increases the difficulty which then causes the heart rate to elevate.

With any workout the best way to reap results is constant change in the routine. If running is your choice of exercise, make sure to always be adjusting so you can gain the most out of the workout. Most importantly, remember to always fuel your body! Stay hydrated and eat whole natural organic foods to help replenish nutrients lost while sweating through your workout.

Get motivated today! You won’t regret it! 

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